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Ear Wax Removal

Premier Hearing offers professional micro-suction to safely and gently remove a buildup of ear wax, audiological evaluation and speech testing, hearing aids and hearing rehabilitation, and tinnitus management. 

We serve Harrogate, Leeds and their surrounding areas at our dedicated clinics. Take care of your hearing today, and get in touch to book in with one of our friendly hearing specialists.  Please call 0800 038 5975 to book in or if you have any questions.

Ear Wax Removal Services in Leeds
Total Health Care Leeds Area

We value the custom of our patients highly, and ensure you receive the best treatment from our friendly and personal team.

Our aftercare process makes sure things are working well for you after your appointment, with follow-ups after purchasing hearing aids to get them working at an optimal level.

Call Premier Hearing directly to make your appointment

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