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Sports Massage

At RPM (Recover, Prepare and Maintain) the purpose of a sports massage is to help alleviate stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissue.

​Regular massage can break down any minor injuries and adhesions that may occur due to the over use of the muscle. It will also help any little niggles that often get in the way of your performance or achievement, whether you are an active athlete or a regular dog walker.

Sports Massage Services in Leeds
Total Health Care Leeds Area

Melanie is trained to level 4 in Sport Massage Therapy and is also a member of the Sports Therapy Organisations (STO) and Sports Therapy Association (STA).

It enables her to keep in touch with the latest techniques, what is happening within the industry, retain insurance and be represented.

It is always important to check out your therapist to ensure:

  • they are trained to carry out the treatment they are doing, working within their limitations

  • they are insurance

  • if they are registered with any massage therapy organisation, if you are unsure call the organisation or the therapist for clarification.


Call Mel direct on 07850 527 429 if you would like to make an appointment.

Call Mel directly to make your appointment

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